5 Ways to Stay Motivated as an At-Home Entrepreneur

  1. Look Good to Feel Good

When I first started working from home I felt lucky because I could roll out of bed and work in my pajamas all day. It was fun at first, but it slowly got me in a funk of being lazy, casual, and less attentive to the details of my businesses.

o-WORK-FROM-HOME-facebook.jpgNot after long, I decided to change my morning routine to give me energy rather than keep me in “sleep mode”. After my morning coffee, I immediately shower and put on clothes that are comfortable but definitely not my pajamas.

Some days I go above and beyond when I really need a kick in the ass and put on some business casual clothes or a business casual suit. Appearance may not be everything but when you’re dolling up for yourself, you best believe it makes you feel damn good (and sexy).

There are times that I have important calls that can significantly grow my business so I need to be on top of my game. To make sure I’m in the right mindset, I throw on a black V-neck, blazer, nice skinny jeans, and my favorite loafers to close the deal.

Dressing up will give you a renewed confidence that you could never have if you’re feeling too comfortable in your Ugg’s.

  1. Change Your Notification Alerts

This may not seem like a game-changer, but this could very well be the most important point on this list.

Turns out, our brains are wired to get used to the same stimulants. I weirdly noticed this after years with the same iPhone notification sounds. Whether it was my alarm clock, text, or email, I would feel anxious or even annoyed hearing a particular sound – my business notification chime used to really stress me out!

When I made it a habit to change notification sounds every few months, oddly enough, I tricked my mind into being “interested” again. With a new alarm tone I was more eager to wake up, with a new email notification I was interested in answering my emails, and with a refreshed text notification I was more alert and answered my messages faster.

Try it for yourself and see if you experience the same benefits!

  1. Schedule “Me” Time

Never take yourself or your health for granted. If you’re like me, you’re still young and think you can run on no sleep with no regards to your body. You may feel like you can do it now, but things will catch up to you physically and mentally.

IMG_4200.jpgEvery day I take at least an hour to have some “me” time. Most of that time I devote to working out, playing basketball, or doing something active. For one, it gets me out of the house so I don’t go crazy living, working, and sleeping in the same place. Second, it’s a great way to get my mind off work and reset.

If working-out isn’t your thing, I also like to cook, grill, or walk down to the local bodega and grab a bite to eat. I have friends who clear their head by cleaning, painting, playing instruments, or making music. Do something that gets you to your happy place.

Try and refrain from Netflix, movies, or TV. Disconnecting from all things digital will renew their intended use – to entertain.

  1. Listen to Motivational Podcasts or Videos

That last point wasn’t the greatest segue into number four, but I think this point is something you can integrate into your daily work day.

As entrepreneurs, I know there are times when you’re sitting at home and get the equivalent of a writer’s block. It’s the worst because you rely on yourself for solving every problem, but there are times when you get overwhelmed and unmotivated.

What I’ve realized is that there has always been someone before you that has had the same problem so logically they may have your solution. Reading books about successful entrepreneurs is amazing, but it does take up time. Plus, hearing it from the horse’s mouth may be more impactful than reading words on a page.

My favorite podcast is “How I Built This” by Guy Raz from NPR. He interviews successful entrepreneurs about how they started their business to building it to its current successes. The best thing about it is, I can have it on in the background to keep me motivated throughout the day and I can also take ideas/advice from the guests and apply their knowledge to my business.

  1. Embrace the Little “Wins”

Closing a deal, partnering with a new retailer, or hitting a new daily sales high are HUGE to your business. Getting to that goal feels great because you persevered through the hard times, but for some reason those wins are short lived. Why? Well, what most entrepreneurs forget is that to get through each rough patch, there are smaller wins that go unappreciated. These wins turn out to have a long lasting, positive effect that one win doesn’t give you.

Unfortunately, I used to be one of those entrepreneurs. When things got challenging I would try to get through them unenthusiastically to reach that end feeling. One day, I stumbled across an article in the Harvard Business Review where they mentioned that, “small rewards increase autonomous motivation to learn rather than crowding it out, as larger rewards are more likely to do”. This stuck with me.

In my case, small rewards could be something like making my bed when I usually don’t, making a cold call that I was too nervous to make days before, or completing that spreadsheet I kept putting off. The list goes on and on. In the past, I used to reflect on what I accomplished each day, but I didn’t reward myself for these seemingly trivial things. After reading that article I noticed a shift in my excitement relating to work as I began to “treat myself” – if I made my bed, I had a few extra gummy bears for dessert that evening… because why not?

In summary, these are tips that help me a whole lot. They may be small but they can go a long way when you’re stuck.

What are somethings that you do to stay motivated? Comment below. I could always use some wisdom!

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