4 Ways to Effectively Work and Travel at the Same Time

When I became an entrepreneur there was no one way to do it. I was never given a hand book or taught how to balance work with fun. So I took it upon myself to trial an error a few ways to travel while being productive and growing my businesses. To be successful I noticed there were 4 foundational pieces that I needed to be effective.

  1. Have Your Sh*t in Order

A week or 10 days before your trip always make sure you have a handle on all the moving parts of your business. Know the difference in times zones (if any) that you’re traveling to. Double check and make sure that all your files that you may need access to are on a cloud system so you don’t have to carry around a hard drive or bulky laptop.

Before every trip, I make sure I have my laptop, notebooks, and files in order that I plan to take with me. I double check that my cloud accounts are synced to all the devices I’m taking. You don’t want to kick yourself later if there’s something you could have prevented from happening if you were just a little bit organized.

  1. At All Costs, Get A SIM Card

I swear I’m not internet or device obsessed, but when it comes to running your own business you are ultimately responsible for everything that goes right and wrong.

In my experience, having a data enabled SIM card is HUGE! I was able to respond to customer inquiries, shipping/logistics issues, and keep track of daily sales/operations that let me sleep easy at night. Keeping engaged with your business is foundational to growth.

If you’re traveling internationally, you can buy a local data SIM card right when you walk out of the departure terminal. You don’t need anything fancy. If you’re there for a few days, get a few gigs worth of data and that will definitely last you your entire stay.
No, I’m not a control freak and this doesn’t mean I’m always glued to my businesses. I just want to make sure my “babies” don’t explode while I’m enjoying Omakase sushi in Tokyo.

  1. Get a GoogleVoice or Skype Number

GoogleVoice is free to set up and you’ll be able to call any US phone number for free even if you’re in another country. I’m not the biggest fan of the app, but calling off your computer works perfectly with any decent internet connection. You can also add money to your account to call international numbers as well.

I use this to keep up with conference calls and be in direct contact with clients or employees. It also makes it easy to keep in touch with family and friends so no one worries about you.

  1. Stay Regimented While Exploring the World

Try and keep a consistent schedule while traveling. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t relax, but keep the fun balanced. Dedicate the morning for answering emails, catching up on calls, or getting busy work done for an hour or so. Clear up your work task list early and enjoy the rest of your day hassle free.

What I like to do is find a fun coffee shop, trendy bar, or rooftop lounge with a view to post up and get shit done. This way I’m not stuck in a hotel room and instead I’m amongst locals and I stay motivated to appreciate that I’m able to seamlessly mix business and pleasure without getting stressed out.

My Travel Travel Essentials:

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