Who are you and why a blog?

IMG_5842Hey there! By now you may have heard of me, but you probably don’t knooow me.

My name is Neil Mehta, but some call me Neil X (from my college days – that story is for another day). I was born in the Chicago, Illinois but raised in good ole Dayton, Ohio. I attended THE Ohio State University (yes, THE – don’t get it twisted!) and after graduation I took my talents to New York City to pursue a Master’s in Public Health degree at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

During that time I was also involved with a friend’s start-up company dealing with medical technologies around the world. I got to travel to India and work with one of the biggest hospital organizations in the country. After about a year I set off on my own to start a few of my own businesses.

I started a healthcare consulting company called NXM Global Partners. I partnered with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to help reduce unnecessary hospital and ER Part A expenses by working closely with private practice physicians.
RoyalC-8.jpgAbout a year later, I was introduced to an opportunity that I knew I couldn’t pass up – the adult novelty industry. With a lot of due diligence and a small amount of seed money I developed an all natural, organic, luxury flavored and scented latex condom brand, Royal Condoms. After going through the rigors of getting our FDA approval we officially launched in June 2017 on our e-commerce store and on Amazon and in under 1 year we were hitting over 6 figures in sales with virtually NO marketing!

In between all the madness from starting two business, I thought, why not start another one! GlobalOne Sciences is designed as a technology incubator to secure public funding to advance early stage technologies first, with the opportunity of follow-on private Logo copy.pnginvestment upon successful results. I’ve been able to license cutting edge medical technologies from around the world and partner with one of the largest medical research institutions in the world.

Beyond business I don’t think I would stay sane if I didn’t have my interests that keep me afloat. I love to travel and see the world, I love to eat (almost) everything, and I like to think that I live a balanced lifestyle between work and pleasure.

IMG_4554.jpgSo why start a blog? Many people, similar to myself, rarely take you behind the scenes when it comes to business or starting a company while also sharing their life’s experiences to show you that there is an art to working hard and enjoying life at the same time.

The difference with me is that I plan to take you behind the curtain of all the ups and downs from starting a business to traveling and working from your laptop and living the best life while on a startup budget.

All these ideas may be all over the place, but trust me it will all makes sense once we get this blog started.

Comment and let me know what you’d like to hear about next. Want to know more about the condom industry? Want to hear my craziest travel stories? Come along for the ride and let’s see what this thing turns into.

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6 thoughts on “Who are you and why a blog?

    1. They thought it was odd at first, but they got on board pretty quickly. I we broke the ice back in my college days when my mom found condoms in my dorm room lol.


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